How to Apply For a Green Card

green card

Before you apply for a green card, make sure

you are eligible. This way, you will avoid

using your time, energy, and money only to find out that you are not eligible.


You are eligible if:

  • You are a stepchild or an adopted child of a U.S. citizen and you are aged below 21 and unmarried
  • You are seeking political asylum or you are a refugee
  • You are a long-term resident
  • The U.S. congress has issued you permanent residence for humanitarian reasons
  • Your spouse is a U.S. citizen
  • At least one of your parents is a U.S. citizen, but only if you are below 21 and unmarried
  • You are a preferred employee or worker – 140,000 are given to people with job skills needed by the United States market
  • You fall under a special category such as a former employee of Panama Canal Zone or a former member of the United States Armed Forces who had enlisted overseas and served at least 12 years

All green card applications should be submitted to the U.S. Department of State website. This is a free service and you should therefore note that all websites that charge you are scams. You are only required to pay a nominal processing fee.

In the past years, it was possible to mail the application to the U.S. Department of State, but you can only apply online today. The form is easy to fill, but you must give accurate information and you must not submit more than once as this will disqualify you. However, you can apply once per year if you are not successful. Note that more than 40% of all applicants are disqualified early because of various submission mistakes.

The U.S. Department of State website is only open for a certain period of time. This means you can only apply for the card in that period. This is usually from the 1st or the 2nd week of November and this goes on for 1 or 2 months.

All submissions made before or after the pre-determined date are not accepted. In the application, you will need to fill the form.

If your submission is successful, you will get a confirmation email. The selection is computerized and the U.S. Department of State notifies those who have qualified through mail.

After you get the card, you will have the right to be a permanent resident in the U.S., the right to work in the U.S., and the right to travel out of the country. With the card, you will get the opportunity to apply for United States citizenship and you can petition for a green card for your spouse or unmarried kids aged below 21.

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