About Germany

Officially known as the Federal Republic of Germany, it has been at the center of Europe’s political and economic happenings for a long time. It is the largest and the most populated country in the continent of Europe. In spite of the two world wars, which nearly destroyed the country, Germany has emerged to be the powerhouse of both economic as well as intellectual aspects of the region.
Apart from Russia, Germany is the most populous country in mainland Europe. In fact, the land mass of Germany included parts of modern day Poland and Lithuania. The education system in Germany is quite unique right from the early days of schooling with schooling being optional till the age of 6 years. Even in the schooling after that point, there are different types of schooling that students can opt for. depending on their individual preferences. The students are encouraged to drop out of one college and join another, depending on the information about study in Germany regarding the fields of study chosen by them.
One of the most encouraged aspects of education in Germany is the concept of group study and giving and receiving help from their peers. The students can also form groups that can study together right from the start to the end of their courses. An important aspect about study in Germany is the flexibility in changing course in the duration of their education. This is possible not just from one course to another, but from one college to another if the student finds a different college better than the one that he or she is currently studying.

Some of the benefits of opting for a degree at a German university are in the form of student community participation, library studying, a language partner for getting over difficulties in German.
What is Pathway Programs in Germany?

The Pathway to Bachelor programme is a preparation course for non-German speaking students, who would like to pursue a Bachelor of Engineering degree or Any degree at German university. In small groups, students of all skill levels will be prepared. The pathway Programme  (Studienkolleg) is designed for one year and students will be placed to bachelor/Master degree programs at German Universities after one year of pathway program.You will spend 9 to 12 months pathway Programme training your language, technical and practical skills, in line with your future field of study , living and learning on one of our pathway campuses .After completing of pathway program, bachelor/masters will be free of cost by the university
The Feststellungsprüfung is an examination conducted by universities that assesses your proficiency in subjects that are crucial to your chosen degree programme and also in German language. On successfully taking the Feststellungsprüfung, which has a written and an oral component, you are eligible to apply for a bachelor /Masters degree course.
Why Study in Germany?
At present there are 387 universities situated in Germany. They can be broken up in two universities numbering 110, 221 universities teaching applied sciences and 56 institutions that teach art and music. Higher education, universities and establishments are wholly state funded. Alternatively, they are also recognized by the state.

Students who have the fascination of studying abroad may have questions regarding Why Germany can have their answers when they approach study in Germany consultants who can provide them the facts and figures that will put to rest their doubts. Some of the facts are as mentioned below.

  • There is a range of subjects that the students can choose to study from literature to music and also sports.
  • Students can opt out of a course or even a college and switch to another course of college.
  • A high degree of importance is placed on research as opposed to theoretic study
  • Students can form groups to study and subsequently present their papers, although group diplomas are not awarded.
  • Students are encouraged to apply for jobs, even when they are studying which makes them comfortable in the overall working conditions of the German work culture much before they take on their first true job.
  •  Since the education system lays particular importance on research and practical aspects, there is overall encouragement to innovate and apply for patents more than anywhere else in the world.
  • The multitudes of questions that many students were regarded overall satisfaction among students, facilities for foreign students, etc. can be addressed to by the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE). 

    In view of the above points and other such advantages, it can be easily ascertained as to Why Study Abroad in Germany is the best option by far for students from all over the world.

    Conditions / Expense- 

    To stay in Germany for more than 90 days as a student, you are required to get a Residence permit. You will need to prove to the visa officer that you have finances for one year.PROOF OF FUNDS(Living Cost) – The amount would be €8000 Annually(INR 6 LACapprox) which will be in your blocked a/c of Kotak Mahindra. You can withdraw it anytime after applying Resident Visa.

    A residence permit issued to students is valid for maximum two years. Maple Fly International – Delhi, Germany Pathway Program Updated – 08/18 years. It needs to be renewed if the duration of the course is longer than the stated two years. A Residence Permit costs €60. It can take a long time to be issued, which is anywhere between eight to 12 weeks. Since this means two to three months, international students are advised to apply as soon as possible. The maximum Pathway Program cost will be €6750(paid to Germany University). Initially they charge €1000, if in case visa will be rejected then €550 only will be refunded after deducting there fee €450. The fee has to be paid at the  time of the visa interview i.e. VISA FEE€60 (INR 4,600)

    But before we aim towards the huge investment of money, we prefer to assure ourselves and you as our precious client that it will be safe to go ahead with the process that is why we suggest you to go for the Pre Assessment first where we charge Rs 2500 approx incl GST Maple Fly fees for assisting you with the Pathway Program & Residence Permit application are based on a one person rate of €550 (Rs 45,100) + 18% GST after getting positive report in assessment.

    Steps to apply-

    • Choose your university in Germany Start with the enrollment process
    • Open your blocked account
    • As soon as you have received the admission letter from your German university please    prepare the necessary documentation for your visa application using the checklist
    • Kindly procure photos which meet Fill out the Application form for Visa
    • Schedule an appointment for your visa interview at German Mission.
    • Shortly before your appointment, please verify the current exchange rate for your visa    fee on this website and obtain the Demand Draft.

    germany 2

    • University conditional offer letter (student’s confirmation of eligibility to study in German
    • Visa documentation Blocked account opening support (in Kotak Mahindra Bank) Provisional insurance
    • Visa support Help in Booking airline tickets
    • Arrange accommodation in Germany Maple FlyInternational – Delhi, Germany Pathway    Program Updated – 08/18
    • Arrange transportation to/from the airport to home in Germany
    • Arrange your banking; consider buying traveler’s cheques
    • Check baggage and customs limitations
    • Clear all paperwork with your home educational institution

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Jobs Moving Overseas – 4 Tips on Surviving An Overseas Job Relocation


With so many jobs moving overseas, people are traveling from the comforts of their home, culture, and familiar environment into the unknown. Often, people are catapulted into an environment that is very different and diverse from their home culture. The greatest concern for these individuals is to adjust quickly to the new culture.

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Cultural differences may be vast. They usually include language, customs, political organizations, and religion, just to name a few.

Another difficulty about jobs moving overseas is stereotypes. Everyone forms their own mental picture or view of others. Many times, it is hard to look past these preconceived ideas about other cultures. It is important, however, to be open-minded about the new culture. Likewise, it may be equally important to make an extra effort to avoid being classified by others as a stereotype. Americans, for instance, are often looked at as being immature, wasteful, ignorant, informal, and loud. Obviously, this is not always the case.

Educate yourself about the new country. Learn about the language, cultural differences, and other key aspects of the area. Ask colleagues about their experiences overseas, read books about the country, or watch movies about the culture to soak up as much information as possible. It can be helpful to contact the consulate or embassy of the country. These resources can be very helpful in the process of cultural adjustment. Taking advantage of such resources will provide valuable insight.

Communication is very important. Learning key phrases of the native language can be extremely beneficial. Be aware that there are polite forms of address, as well as, familiar forms. Expect to make mistakes while learning a new language, but the effort to learn the native tongue will be viewed in a positive light.

Nonverbal communication is equally as important as learning the language. There is evidence to indicate that nonverbal communication such as hand gestures and facial expressions account for 90% of communication. For instance, the hand gesture signifying okay in the U.S. is the forefinger and thumb making a circle and three fingers in the air. This same gesture in Brazil is a profanity. Avoid such mistakes by getting a feel for social customs.

Don’t be surprised if culture shock sets in soon after arrival to the new country. Anxiety and disorientation is very common to newcomers in a foreign country. It is important to connect with other transplants, coworkers, etc. Assimilate through clubs, school, or places of worship to ease the culture shock. Look online for articles in about current issues in the home country. Reading books, magazines, or newspapers in your native tongue can really help.

As jobs continue to have workers moving overseas, issues relating to cultural adjustment will be important. Learn about the foreign land.

Verbal and nonverbal communication is important. Avoid prolonged culture shock by assimilating with others and sharing experiences.

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Become an Australian Permanent Resident – Here’s 9 Good Reasons Why

Could there be any other better place than Australia if you are eagerly looking for settling down at a well known destination and beginning a new lease of life?

With a strong economy and scenic landscaping, Australia could be Paradise on Earth for you.

However, before embarking upon the necessary formalities, let us briefly evaluate the benefits of becoming a permanent resident of Australia.

  1. As a permanent resident, you will be given a permanent visa. This entitles you to the right to live in Australia indefinitely. You can enjoy the facilities of unlimited travel to and from Australia once you become a permanent resident. However, initially the permanent visa is given for a period of five years and has to be applied again from either outside Australia or from within the country.
  2. On procuring permanent resident ship, you also enjoy unlimited freedom to pursue the course of study that you prefer. Permanent residents have various options to choose when it comes to University education. There are certain education loans that are available only to permanent residents. These loans are extremely helpful in managing your financial crisis that may arise due to the additional expenses associated with your study.
  3. The next important aspect of permanent residence is the aspect of work permit. Permanent residents can work for any employer in any occupation. But, working in the Public Service or Armed forces is strictly restricted to the Australian Citizens. This, however, does not distinguish the industrial laws between the permanent residents and citizens. Permanent residents enjoy the same benefits under these laws as the citizens. They can become a part of trade unions and can claim worker’s compensation.
  4. As regards social security, the permanent residents must hold on for a period of two years before they are entitled to receive social security benefits like sickness, unemployment and student benefits that are offered by Australia’s Social Security Department.
  5. A very important benefit that the permanent residents will enjoy is the health care entitlement. As a permanent resident of Australia, you will enjoy the privilege of health insurance scheme run by the government called Medicare. Under Medicare, you could receive free treatment at a public hospital and subsidized medicine.
  6. Permanent residents can also sponsor their relatives for acquisition of permanent residence. But this is possible only after the applicant meets certain residence and support assurance pre-requisites.
  7. Children of permanent residents who are born in Australia are deemed Australian citizens by birth. This will be one great advantage because they will enjoy the maximum benefits in the field of education and health care.
  8. Permanent residents have the right to take up some professions in Australia like that of a migration agent or any government position.
  9. The permanent resident of Australia is also granted the right to travel to New Zealand and apply for a New Zealand Visa. This is a provision that has been granted by the government of New Zealand.

So go ahead and start nurturing your dream of making Australia your permanent home.

as a government certified Australian Immigration agent. She covers topics such as Australian Visas, Skilled Migration, and Relocation Planning.

Plenty Of Abroad Jobs To Grab Nowadays

One of the hubs of such employment is in the Middle East. It is Kuwait. There are plenty of opportunities waiting for the talented people from any corner of the world for grabs. The seekers of jobs from all walks of life plunge into it and get their dreams fulfilled.

This is about the opportunities available but how on earth is one to catch hold of these opportunities and make them their own? There are many global job sites that promote the opportunities and when you browse the net they will surely catch your eye. The famous sites that you can get to know about these openings are and Wazeefa1among many others that further the cause of the companies who are ready to offer job opportunities to the deserved.

There are many levels in the jobs from the highest wrung to the lowest that seek people from abroad for the work and jobs offered in Kuwait. Many people have benefitted and raised their standard of living from what they were after working in some reputed companies in this oil rich country.

The jobs are also advertised in the newspapers in the job vacancies section all over the world. So people who desire to work abroad can subscribe for some well known dailies or weeklies and avail the opportunities that suit their talent. Kuwait being one of the best destinations of working has one of the highest standards of living. Thus the salary offered will be the best in the market and no other country in the world can afford to offer such high salary for the same posts.

These job opportunities are thus sought by people in the industries related to petroleum products, banking, teaching, etc. and the websites and newspapers help them in their venture to realize their dream working for the best institutions ever though the post may not be a high ranking one.

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Ways to Find Jobs in Canada

Canada is known for its unparalleled beauty, superior quality of life, and economic stability, which made it a land of countless opportunities. Hence, it has become one of the top immigration destinations for people seeking better employment and a more desirable living environment.

Meanwhile, the Canadian government is under huge pressure to increase its immigration levels according to Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. Prior to this, however, he wants to see more immigrants working and earning at rates close with Canadian born people.

More so, despite the country’s urgent need for skilled professionals to combat scarcity on experienced workers, foreign workforce may still face several challenges in finding a career such as:

  • Communication skills
    • Hidden job market
    • Foreign credential recognition
    • Work experience

Communication Skills

Having good communication skills is an important part of the settlement process that cannot be ignored, especially in Canada, because it helps newcomers to communicate and express themselves. English and French are the country’s official languages that immigrants need to learn to obtain better jobs in Canada, participate in any event, and establish social relationships. A newcomer’s ability to communicate in English or French is essential in finding a job because most employers ask for a proof of language skills.

Foreign Credential Recognition

This is the process of verifying if the academic and professional experience of an individual from a foreign country is equal to established Canadian education and job credential standards. This aims to improve the integration of internationally trained professionals into the Canadian workforce. Hence, the contextual differences between countries would be a huge challenge that a newcomer should overcome because it can take time and cost money.

Organizations that assess foreign credentials include:

  • Credential assessment agencies
    • Educational institutions
    • Regulatory bodies

Hidden Labour Market

Most of the job openings are not advertised. Usually information about it is limitedly disseminated through overseer’s network of co-workers, business associates, friends, and acquaintances. However, there are several ways to find jobs in Canada:

Social Networks. Friends, relatives, colleagues, and acquaintances are some of the best resources to find career opportunities because most of the job openings are certainly not advertised. More so, even in this age of modern technology, word of mouth is still the most common and easiest method to obtain the right job for you. Remember to start your network with the people closest to you.

Direct Approach with Probable Employers. Submitting a resume or application through e-mail or snail mail may be the most popular way of applying nowadays but such passive approach will not be as effective as an active job search strategy wherein contacting prospective employers is made in a not bothersome manner.

Job Postings. Search the Internet because many of the job openings are posted on job search sites and company sites. Likewise, don’t forget to check the latest classified ads.

Volunteer Work. It is a great opportunity to develop skills and acquire a valuable professional experience. Oftentimes, volunteer workers are absorbed by the organization for which they are working.

School Placement Office or Guidance Department. Consider community colleges and universities because most of them provide job finding services, which are available to anyone interested.

Work Experience

Finding jobs in Canada is an important part of settlement process but can be a very slow process, requiring time, perseverance, and determination. However, it is easier when you have the right training and requisite work experience because normally employers ask for references. Following are some of the ways to build your experience in Canada:

  • Volunteering – A noble manner that can provide a newcomer with a direct experience in the Canadian work culture.
  • Networking – Joining organizations, clubs, and engaging in volunteer work are effective ways to gain more skills and professional competency.
  • Internship or work placement – Another way of gaining experience and internship is an opportunity for a company to hire someone for a specified amount of time, often at a lower cost, and at the same time, a chance for jobseekers to be absorbed by the organization.
  • Job shadowing – This aims to get an idea of how an individual in a certain type of field spends his/her day. Acquiring experience through this would also be an opportunity to develop skills and trainings.
  • Alternative jobs – Develop professional experience and skills through finding a non-regulated career that is related to your field of expertise because sometimes securing a license for a regulated profession can be time-consuming and expensive.
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Registered Migration Agents | Maple Fly International

If you want your visa application to be easier and more effective use the services of a registered migration agent (RMA).

A registered migration agent (RMA) is a trained professional and will guide you through what can be a minefield for the unwary. The RMA knows the rules and is always kept updated on the latest changes which can happen rather frequently. Also as a professional the RMA has the expertise to handle your case and do the paperwork for you.

Another great advantage is that the registered migration agent has to put up with all the red tape, bureaucracy and frustrations. A good example is waiting on hold on the telephone for two hours only to find out you are no more advanced than before you started. Anyone who has dealt with a government department will know exactly what I mean and this fact alone has got to be worth the expense of using a registered migration agent.

Okay I know many people will think that I am biased because it is my profession, so I will ask the following questions;

How many of us like standing in queues?

How many of us like waiting for hours on the telephone?

How many of us like waiting for a taxi or bus or the train?

Let’s not forget being stuck in peak hour traffic and so on, I think you get the picture. So you can choose to do it yourself, wait in line and get angry and frustrated or use a professional to handle your case and chill out. Modern life is stressful enough, so avoid extra stress and let the registered migration agent handle it for you.

I think enough has been said on this so let’s move on.

It is illegal for a person to give immigration assistance unless they are registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority, so you can check the registration of your agent on the Migration Agents Registration Authority website. Just be aware that this applies only to anyone offering immigration advice within Australia. The Australian government has no control over so called agents in other countries. There are Migration Agents Registration Authority registered agents overseas who can be checked on the Migration Agents Registration Authority website and so can be used if their credentials are genuine. If anyone claims to be a Migration Agents Registration Authority registered agent, ask for their Migration Agents Registration Authority number. A genuine agent will always be happy to provide the details. Only by using a Migration Agents Registration Authority registered agent can you feel confident that you will be dealing with someone who knows what to do and how to help you.

Although the rules are very strict, there are some exemptions that allow certain people to offer immigration assistance such as close family members, sponsors and nominators. But they can only do so as long as they don’t ask for payment or some form of reward.

Confused About Choosing The Right Immigration Program To Apply Canada PR Visa?

Canada’s open immigration policies and ideal settings for immigrants have made it the first choice of worldwide immigration aspirants. Canada is welcoming skilled workers to combat the skill shortage, while immigrants see Canada as the best place to live, work and settle. Hence, it’s all win situation, when it comes to Skilled immigration to Canada. However, when you plan immigration to Canada, choosing the right immigration program remains the biggest dilemma for applicants.

Choosing a right Immigration Program to obtain Canada PR

Canada has several immigration programs in place to invite immigrant workers to apply for Canada PR. Express entry is the federal immigration system that offers a pathway to the candidates to get Canadian Permanent Residency (PR).

Apart from this, there are several Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) active in Canada, which belongs to different Canadian provinces. Every PNP has different selection criteria, hence, it’s very difficult to find out which immigration program suits you the best as an applicant.

Problems in finding right Immigration Program to apply Canada PR

At times, your profile doesn’t get PR invite through Express entry system, in such a situation, PNPs help you obtain the ITA (Invitation to apply) for Canada PR. Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) is another immigration program apart from express entry and PNPs. It belongs to Quebec province of Canada, where French and English are the official languages, though a huge part of the population speaks French.

Professional Advice can be vital

Taking a professional advice and assistance from a registered Canadian Visa Consultant can be a wise thing to do. The immigration consultants with their vast experience in Canada immigration process and programs can suggest you the most relevant and suitable immigration program to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada.

Point based system depends on the Individual immigration points

Most of the Canadian immigration programs, i.e. Express Entry, Provincial nominee programs, etc. have a point based system in place, which adjudge the eligibility of a Candidate for PR Visa, depending on his scored immigration points based on age, work experience,  qualification, language proficiency, etc.

However, if you are new to immigration terms and guidelines, you may find difficulties in understanding the point matrix and hence, in confirming the eligibility for immigration to Canada. Hence, you may take services from a genuine and registered Canadian Immigration Consultant.

How Immigration Consultants help you in choosing right program

The Immigration experts or consultants work on two aspects of immigration. First, they review your profile and note down the scoring points. Subsequently, they explore the right immigration program for you keeping in mind your scored immigration points and profile factors.

The consultants for immigration not only help you in choosing the right immigration program but also help you in other key aspects of immigration, i.e. documentation, visa filing, visa follow up, resume rebuilding, letter drafting, etc.

Lastly, if you are also an aspirant of Canadian PR Visa, looking for vital advice and assistance to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada, you may send your queries to ICCRC accredited immigration consultant at email id-